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Prices for self service

All of this from as little as £12 for 30 mins.

(every 15 minutes extra will incur a £2.50 charge)


Self service

We have designed three waist-high dog wash bay so we can accommodate pets (and people) of all different sizes. There’s no kneeling or stooping here! There’s even an easy opening door and a ramp for your dog’s entry and exit from the tub .

We have hand held showers that allow you to control the water temperature so your pet is always comfortable. We’ve got a selection of natural shampoos and conditioners, flea and tear-less shampoos, gentle and PH-balanced just for your pet. We also have specialty products available to help reduce itching and flaking .

Don’t worry, we have aprons for you too so you don’t get to wet!

When you’re all done, we provide you with a towels to dry off your dog. once your dog is towel dried you can use our professional forced air dryer plus brushes and combs to make sure your dog is nice and dry and looks and smells great before venturing outside.


The health of your dog is important to us – at Just Bubbles we promise a clean environment for your pet. We take care of sanitizing each bay after every wash so they are clean and disinfected for the next lucky dog. Don’t worry about the hair; we’ll take care of that too.

We look forward to having you stop by and join us in the fun of washing your dog together with your neighbours'. We promise it’s a lot more fun than washing your dog at home!

Just Bubbles is also offering a loyalty scheme which includes 6 washes' with the 7th free, we are also offering gift vouchers. Please contact us with any queries you may have. 

(self service only)

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