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Services at Just Bubbles

Self service dog wash

Where you can personally bathe and dry your dog what ever the size or shape.

If you require nails to be trimmed then please just ask a member of team , nails are charged at £8.

You can now reserve a cubical (BUDDY) on our online booking system, so you can choose a time that suits you.

You don't have to make an appointment but if you prefer to then just give us a call for an appointment.


Service wash at Just Bubbles

Service wash and dry

If you don't fancy bathing your dog your self. Then we're do it for you.

We will bathe and dry your dog, we will also trim nails and brush and groom your dog at just bubbles.

Our serviced wash requires an appointment so please ring or message us on Facebook.

Also at Just Bubbles you can stay or wait in reception for your dog.


Dog grooming

Your dog groomer Sam, is City & Guilds level 2/3 qualified at a high standard.


Nails trimmed

No appointment necessary

Pop in any time for your dog to have there nails trimmed, it cost £8.

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